Thursday, 22 November 2007

The “Brewery Day” Solution

The long-awaited results of last night’s talks to resolve the painful “Corsendonk Crisis” can now be revealed. The 40b40 movement has just released the following declaration:

Whereas the number of beers on the initial draft list was in excess of 40;

Whereas the beers of the Corsendonk brewery were dangerously absent from the list; and

Whereas several other important Belgian beers were not represented,

Be it resolved that beers from the same brewery will fall under special “brewery days”, when:

a) one or more beers of the same brand will be sampled;

b) no brand will occupy more than one of the 40 days; and

c) there will be no obligation to sample more than one of that day’s brand.

With this decision, the new draft list of 40 beers which follows is incomplete at 32, so eight beers or brewery days will be added, as will the particular days for each beer.

1 Afligem
2 Augustijn
3 Barbar (Honey Ale)
4 Brugge tripel
5 “Chimay Day”
6 “Ciney Day”
7 “Corsendonk Day”
8 De verboden vrucht
9 “Delerium Day”
10 “Ename Day”
11 Florival blond
12 Gentse tripel
13 Grimbergen
14 Gulden draak
15 “Hoegaarden Day”
16 Kasteelbier blond
17 Kwak
18 La chouffe
19 “Leffe Day”
20 “Liefmans Day”
21 “Maredsous Day”
22 Oerbier
23 Orval
24 “Palm Day”
25 Petrus gouden tripel
26 Piraat amber
27 “Rochefort Day”
28 “Rodenbach Day”
29 Tripel karmeliet
30 Trolleke
31 “Westmalle Day”
32 “Westvleteren Day”

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